We can call a product biodegradeble, when it can be broken down into common elements such as oxygen, hydrogen and carbon. Skropak packing granulate is comprised of starch and biodegradable polymers. This unique combination of ingredients allows this product to be broken down by natural means.

By the term „sustainable” we can describe a product or its production process that does not affect the availability of used resources in future.

Naturally! Skropak is a 100% biodegradable packing material that out-perform polystyrene loose fill packaging in crush tests.

Yes! Skropak biodegradable packing peanuts work exceptionally well for products requiring static-free protective packaging materials.

Yes! Our packing peanuts can be used many times.

SKROPAK is 100% biodegradable and non-toxic packaging material which production is based on natural ingredients.
Here are some options for disposal of our biodegradable loose fill material:

  • dissolve in water and rinse out (e.g. in a sink)

  • process in a compost

  • leave in an organic waste bin/container

No! In the early stages of the manufacturing process, the sugars and any food value are removed from the starch used in production.

We do not recommend eating packing peanuts. Even our starch based granulates resemble corn snack, they are not manufactured under food-grade quality conditions and, are not meant for consumption.