Identification of the substance and the company:

Identification of the substance: Biodegradable packaging material – loose fill
Application: product protection in transport
Company identification: GFC Complex Solutions Sp. z o.o., ul. sw. Antoniego 21, 50-073 Wroclaw, Poland

Skropak loose fill is recommended by the Polish Packaging Research and Development Center as a biodegradable and compostable packaging material. EN13432 certified.

Carbohydrate and Polymers, Starch from Corn or Potato

Physical form: Tubular Expanded Foam
Odor: Light cereal odor
pH in 1% Solution: 5,8 +/- 0,6
Boiling Point: N/
Flash Piont: 364-369°C
Specific Gravity: 8 kg/m3 +/- 10%
Viscosity: N/A
Crush Resistance: Tests results show that the biodegradable Skropak loose fill has smaller sensitivity to crush than popular polystyrene competition. Please refer to the graphs bellow:

Stability: Stable (avoid temperatures above 200°C – to prevent from melting)
Materials to Avoid: None
Hazardous Decomposition Products: This product does not undergo spontaneous decomposition. Typical combustion products are: CO, CO2, C, H20.

Degradability: Degradable in compost or exposure to water
Toxic Volatiles: None present with complete combustion

Product Toxicology:

  • Oral Toxicity – Low order of toxicity
  • Dermal Toxicity – Non-hazardous
  • Inhalation Toxicity – Non-hazardous
  • Eye Irritation – Non-hazardous
Chronic (Long-Term) Effects of Exposure:

  • Route of Entry – Eye, skin, inhalation, ingestion
  • Effects of chronic exposure – None
  • Target Organs – N/A
  • Special Health Effects – None known

Eye: Particles may cause mechanical irritation
Skin Contact: Low order of toxicity
Inhalation: Low order of toxicity
Ingestion: No hazard in normal industrial use

Eye: Flush eyes with large amounts of water until irritation stops
Skin Contact: Wash with soap and water
Inhalation: Remove to fresh air
Ingestion: N/A

Ventilation: General
Eye Protection: Safety glasses optional
Gloves: Gloves for hot resin
Clothing: N/A
Wash: Wash with soap and water
Respirator: None

Extinguish with H2O, CO2, or Foam
Explosion Hazard: N/A
Special procedures: not requiredZ

Spill and Leak Procedures: Sweep or scoop up and remove

Storage Temperature: Ambient
Handling/Storage: Sweep or vacuum up and place in container for disposal
Ventilation: General

Waste Disposal Methods: In accordance with existing local environmental regulations

The information in this product specification describes the product only from the point of safety requirements. You are responsible for taking all steps to meet the requirements of national law and create conditions for safe use of the product. User assumes responsibility for all consequences resulting from improper use of this product.